Have Extra Space? Transform It Into a Boutique Dressing Room

Seeing extravagant celebrity dressing rooms on tv makes people envious. Who wouldn’t want an entire room dedicated to their most prized possessions of shoes, clothes, jewelry and makeup? If you’re lucky enough to have an unused spare bedroom, super-sized master closet, or sitting area, we can help transform your space into an amazing dressing room. This article will include many great storage and organization options for transforming your new space. Keep reading for all the juicy details…

Hanging Options

Hanging your clothes provides a terrific way to minimize wrinkles. Decide if you want your clothes visible or hidden. Many dressing rooms do not need doors since it’s in itself a giant closet, however doors can “hide” clothes if that’s desired. Clothes can hang on either long or short racks. For example, if you have many dresses, choose one level of hanging so nothing is obstructing them underneath. For another section, separate all of your shirts to hang at the top, then create a bottom level to hang shorts or folded pants. Likewise, if you’d like your pants to hang long, only use one level to ensure nothing is obstructing the pants. Hanging options are built to suit your specific needs and vary based on design and levels needed.

Shoe Storage

Let’s talk shoes! So many shoes, so many storage options. Decide if you’d like your shoes laying flat on shelves, or at an angle with slated shoe racks. Another great option is to hang your boots on hooks from rails. If you’d like your shoes on display, opt for either a glamorous glass door, or open shelving. (Glass doors can help protect shoes from dust.) If you’d like to hide your shoes, simply cover them with a solid door.

Bench Seats

More valuable hidden storage space! Bench seats are a solid option for providing you or guests with a seating option, as well as a place to stash more valuables. You can choose to go comfy with a nice padded top or keep it solid with no cushions. You can place the bench under a window, place two across from each other in the middle of the room to create a relaxing sitting area, or by an open wall. Since it’s completely enclosed and hidden, you can put whatever your heart desires in it!

Open Shelving Or Drawers?

You know all of those t-shirts from college you can’t bear to part with? You don’t want them taking up valuable space in your hanging area, so drawers or open shelves are a great alternative. If it’s mostly items you don’t want people to see, old clothes, underwear, under tank tops, etc., maybe it’s best to have drawers that open and close for privacy. Drawers come in various depths and sizes.  If you don’t mind anyone see them, you’ll like the open shelf concept. Just fold and place for both, it’s that easy!

Handbag Storage

All of those valuable handbags deserve top-notch care. Setting aside a dedicated space for them will keep them all in great condition and looking fabulous. Choose from a glass door if you’d like to show those beauties off, or choose a solid door to keep them hidden. If you don’t have many handbags or storing them isn’t high on your priority list, we can hang them from hooks on a wall or hangers. Say good-bye to the days of throwing them in a corner in your closet!

Illustration of a well organized boutique dressing room
Boutique Dressing Room

Since you have all of this wonderful open space, having a center island can really maximize storage space and daily convenience. Islands can have granite countertops or your choosing. These really add that extra “wow” factor. Islands can also include seating for applying makeup, drying hair, etc. Built in, tilt out laundry hampers make hiding those dirty clothes easier than ever. You can customize your island to fit your needs.

You use your closet every single day, so why not turn an unused room into the dressing room of your dreams? We take careful consideration of your style, space, and budget to bring your vision to life. Contact Bella Systems Philly to start your transformation today!

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