17 Questions to Help Design your Custom Closet

pull down clothes rodSo you’ve decided that your closet needs a complete refresh. Well, where do you start? Here at Bella Systems Philly, we encourage our customers to consider some of the following questions when choosing the right custom closet design.

Shirts, Slacks, and Scarves:

· Are your shirts hung on a hanger or folded in the closet?
· Do you hang your slacks the long way or do you fold them on a hanger?
· Do you fold or hang your scarves or both?


· Do you want to have a place to sit to put on shoes in the closet?
· What is your shoe size?
· What is the height of your highest shoe?

Belts, Handbags, and Jewelry:

· How many rolled belts do you have? Do you want them to be hung in the closet?
· What is the size of your tallest and deepest handbag?
· Do you want closet storage for jewelry? Does it need to be safe guarded or displayed?


· Do you need a hamper for laundry and for dry-cleaning?
· Do you want to be able to iron or steam your clothes in the closet?

Lighting, mirrors and electronics:

· Do you need lighting design in your closet?
· Do you want a mirror incorporated into the closet design?
· Do you want an electronics charging station in the closet?

Closet Organization:

· Do you require drawer dividers in the closet? Should they be removable?
· How many ties, shoes, bags, shirts, dresses and jackets do you have? Which is the longest tallest and widest?
· Do you have any unusual closet storage needs such as specialty clothing for sports?

There are thousands of ways to organize a closet, your closet should be as unique as you. The above list of considerations is just the first step in designing your perfect closet. Let one of the talented closet designers at Bella Systems Philly help you achieve that perfect closet design.

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