3D Technology Enhances Closet Design Process

KCD software for closets
3D Design renderng

Visualizing the “Big Picture”

Imagine standing in front of your closet, doors open, hanging bars empty. Now, visualize a new set-up, with bars staggered at different levels, shelves added, maybe a few bins strategically located.

Most people struggle with visualizing a finished product – whether it’s a room or garden makeover – without a few hints from the “outside” world, and so they spend hours on sites like Pinterest or HGTV.com searching for that “perfect fit.” Even then, faced with so many options and choices, deciding what changes to make – and how -overwhelms even the most seasoned do-it-yourselfer.

Why 3D planning works

Bella Systems Philly has a solution! Whether we’re planning your closet, garage, laundry room, residential or commercial redo, we use 3D software in all our designing. Since day one, we’ve incorporated this software to make planning easier and to show our clients exactly how their projects will look upon completion. This technology also allows for more instant gratification. Hand drawing closet designs takes a much longer time to complete, and we like to reduce the amount of time our clients must wait for us to implement the redesign.

The 3D software is a specific tool used for measurements and unit sizes, and it visually eliminates errors and streamlines the set-up time. The software also provides a checks and balances when we’re ready to order the materials.

Bella Systems’ clients see their closets with the units in place. The designers work with the clients to rearrange the design and to play around with different options. Clients can try out different wall and unit colors and floor types. The software offers all design options available, including moldings and other accessories. Our clients also love watching their closets come to life with the software’s 360-degree angles.


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