A Bedroom Wall Unit with a different Twist

master wall unit with glass shelvesLiving in big cities usually means that you have very little storage space in your home and apartment. Wall units are a great way to use either the whole wall or a small nook to create beautiful storage space.

This wall unit is added space for the very small closet. It is just outside the master bedroom in a small alcove. There are plenty of drawer space and shelving for folded clothing, shoes and handbags.

What is unique about this wall unit is the doors and drawers are a different finish than the shelving and inside the cabinets. The doors and drawer are finished in a cream Ostrich. Ostrich finish even has a raised pattern. Inside the doors and shelving are in a Chocolate wood tone finish. The chocolate finish is also on the top mount crown molding and base molding. The middle unit has glass shelving and remote control LED light. This is a perfect spot to display pictures frames and trinkets.

This custom wall unit is another example of how to best utilize space in smaller homes and apartments.

The Plan: Creating the perfect unique wall unit for your bedroom

Bella Systems Philly uses 3-D imaging software to design your space. This software allows you to visualize the finished room – and tweak as you go, based on your individual needs and efficient layout. Bella Systems Philly will create a very functional bedroom wall unit. This stylish space will help keep your clothes and shoes organized in a very beautiful piece.

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