A Man’s Guide to Organizing his Closet

sliding doors for reach in closet
Sliding doors for reach in closet

If you are like most men, you may not admit it but, few places in your home hold more of your personal belongings than your closet. Organizing your closet is far different from a woman organizing hers. For example, you probably have ties that need to be stored correctly to avoid creases and wrinkles, where she probably has more shoes and sweaters than you do. Once you decide it’s time to make that change and finally get your closet in order, call the organization experts at Bella Systems Philly at 856•286•1011 to custom design and build a storage system to fit your specific individual needs.

The expert organizers at Bella Systems Philly will help you with:

  • Getting the right number of hanging rods in the right places. Most often you won’t need a lot of floor to top hanging rods like the ones your wife hangs her long dresses on. Having two, one above the other in the same space doubles your hanging space for shirts, pants, suits, etc.;
  • Shelves to ensure your knits and sweaters “stay in shape.” Sweaters and delicate items, (yes, you DO have delicate items) quickly lose their shape when suspended from hangers. Even the best hangers available are not suitable for some items.
  • Installing shoe organizers. Whether you are prepared to admit it or not, you have a lot of shoes. Dress shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals, etc.; keeping them off the floor makes for a far less cluttered look and frees up floor space.
  • Specialized storage areas and components. A pull out pants rack for example will not only help maintain a sharp crease, it will also ensure your pants are always properly spaced to prevent wrinkles.
  • A place to hang your ties correctly. A slide out tie rack is probably a good choice for you if you have a lot of ties. It will keep your ties hanging properly to eliminate folds and wrinkles and put them always within easy reach.
  • Accessories and haberdashery need a place to rest. A velvet lined valet placed inside a drawer may be a great place to keep sunglasses, watches, cuff links, etc.; They will be out of the way but still very easily accessible.

Call the organization experts at Bella Systems Philly to custom design and build a storage system to fit your specific individual needs. Contact the professionals today at 856•286•1011.

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