A Home Office that Offers Comfort, Function and Style

desk with file drawers
Studio teak finish desk with cork wall

An Office that Offers Comfort, Function and Style

A home office space that’s yours – where you can escape household chaos to focus on your own “stuff” – becomes an important partner. You deserve a space that’s welcoming, comfortable, stylish and organized.

The best functioning home offices offer

  • A welcoming space
    • Choose paint colors you like for the walls – go ahead and hang those funky curtains you’ve had since college and can’t bear to toss
    • Add a few favorite pictures or photographs, maybe an art piece you found on vacation – decorate with memories
    • If space allows, a comfy chair, couch or loveseat provides an alternative seating for a change of pace – or a place to curl up with a little visitor when you need a quick break
  • Flexibility
    • If you use your office for a variety of tasks, make the office work for you
    • Leave space in cabinets or on shelves for growth and increased storage
    • Does your office do double-duty as a crafting space? Incorporate storage and workspace for crafting needs that keeps supplies easily accessible and easily stored. Quick set-up and cleanup increase the likelihood that you’ll indulge your creativity.
  • Consistency
    • Find a storage and filing system that works for all your needs – maybe with a little trial and error – and stick to them
    • Set aside time to tackle paperwork piles so they don’t overwhelm and dominate the space
    • Create file names and categories that make filing easy and logical
    • Add cork board for the back wall to pin up important papers

The Plan: Creating the “perfect” office

Bella Systems Philly uses 3-D imaging software to design your space. This software allows you to visualize the finished room – and tweak as you go, based on your individual needs, whether it’s a large workspace, shelf or cabinet storage, and efficient layout. Bella Systems Philly will create a welcoming, flexible, organized home office just for you. This functional, stylish space will help you accomplish your work, regardless of its type.


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