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Sharing a Closet with Another Person

Dressing room - large transitional gender-neutral vinyl floor dressing room idea in Philadelphia with shaker cabinets and white cabinets

It seems that houses are getting smaller these days, and one of the first things sacrificed in the spirit of less is more, is closet space. Apartments are historically famous for inadequate closet space. Thus is causing more and more people, couples in particular to have to literally share closet space. A built in storage unit, or closet organization unit from Bella Systems Philly could be the answer to this ever-growing problem.

If you find yourself needing to share a closet with your partner, here are a few tips that may help out:

  1. Before you place the first piece, talk it out with your partner. Discuss your needs, and theirs. It will be important moving forward to identify each one’s individual needs and expectations. Do you need more clothes hanging storage, or more room for shoes? Remember, stack whatever you can. Double hung closet rods can double your hanging space for shirts, blouses, and skirts, etc.;
  2. Make the time to organize your closet together to ensure each gets what they need. If you try to do this alone, you will more than likely find yourself completely re-doing it once your significant other becomes involved. You can save considerable time and anxiety by working together.
  3. Allow adequate space for each other. Even though one of you may have more stuff than the other, don’t just start cramming your stuff into any available space. This will only cause dissention if you do not respect the other person’s individual space, as well as your own. That is of course, unless you discuss one of you needing more space. If your partner has leftover space, you will usually find they will readily relinquish it to you, just don’t take it for granted. Should you just take it upon yourself to put items on his/her side of the closet, don’t be surprised, or angry to find those clothes stacked on your side of the bed.
  4. Label all your storage boxes. This will make it much easier, and neater when you need something you have stowed away. Don’t just write shoes on your box of shoes, this will get confusing, write your name on boxes containing your stuff.
  5. To reiterate, stay within the confines of your designated space until you get the green light from your partner. This will serve you better as well, perhaps when you go to hunt for that maroon sweater you could swear you put on your own side. By respecting your partner’s space, you are actually making finding your own items much easier.

Call the professionals at Bella Systems Philly today and get your closets organized with one of our one of a kind, custom designed and built storage units, now featuring sliding Doors.