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Need a Shoe Storage unit?


Sneakers, dress shoes, and flip flops lying around cluttering hallways, bedrooms, and closets looks untidy at best. And with your busy family and active lifestyle, it can at times, feel like the shoes are winning the battle. Bella Systems Philly not only provides the absolute finest in built in shoe storage units for closets, and other areas of your home, we can provide a unit designed specifically to hold your shoes. At Bella Systems Philly, we have several design options available including:

  • Bespoke Shoe Storage
    A bespoke shoe storage is actually quite simple, but stunningly attractive and fully functional. Consisting basically of a wall of square shelves, with each square housing a pair of shoes, this simple but elegant design may be just right for your closet or a bedroom. And Bella Systems Philly, can now add sliding glass doors to just about any application.
  • A Bookshelf for Your Shoes
    A basic appearing book shelf type unit with slanted shelves for shoes may be a perfect way to store your shoes. Use the higher shelves for shoes not in season, and simply change the shoes’ locations when the season changes. After all, it’s not just the winter clothes that need to be stowed away for the summer.
  • A Full Sized Wardrobe with Mirrored Doors
    A full sized wardrobe with full length mirrored doors would be a very much welcomed addition to any bedroom. And Bella Systems Philly can provide just that. Since it is for storing shoes, it doesn’t need to be very deep and can easily be tucked away in just about any corner. Even inside your walk-in closet.
  • A Virtual Showcase for Your Shoes
    Think about adding a wardrobe style cabinet in the corner of your bedroom with glass doors. This creates an attractive area that not only showcases your shoe collection, it makes it easy to pick out a pair of shoes without even opening the door.
  • Built in Shoe Storage
    A built in storage unit from floor to ceiling on either side of a window connected by a bench to sit in the sun would be ideal for a smaller room. Let Bella Systems Philly create a window unit, with or without doors that will not only store your shoes neatly, but also give you space to lounge in the sun!

Call the professionals at Bella Systems Philly today and get your shoes organized with one of our one of a kind, custom designed and built storage units, now featuring sliding Doors.

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