6 Benefits of Wardrobe Wall Units

Wardrobe wall unit with hanging space
Master Wall Unit

Insufficient closet space causes headaches, clutter, and stress. Whether you ran out of current closet space or a closet in your bedroom is non-existent, we can help! Our customizable wardrobe wall units create amazing extra space for your personal belongings. From storing shoes, clothes, accessories, jewelry, TV’s, desks, vanities and more, you’ll love how much organized your life will become.

You tell us your vision, we bring it to life. Simple as that!


Space is definitely the biggest benefit you’ll gain by incorporating a wardrobe wall unit into your bedroom. It will create a plethora of extra storage options. All of your shoes, hats, scarves, or folded clean clothes sitting on your bed will finally have a home! Give your personal belongings the best of the best. With so much extra space you even have a great excuse for a much needed shopping spree.


Are you looking for a place to store your expensive shoes? What about your luxurious winter sweaters? No matter what you need the space for, we will create customized shelving, hanging space, drawers, tie racks, hampers, cabinets, open spaces, etc. Whatever your vision is for your room, we will fully customize it to fit your needs. We can also make room to mount TV’s, fold away ironing boards, or vanities.


Transform your room from chaos to perfection. By having specific places for your items, you’ll reduce the “lingering” folded laundry, shoes thrown around, dirty laundry, or hats scattered around the house. Create harmony and less-stress by organizing your belongings in the wardrobe wall unit. You’ll be amazed at how tiny of a footprint the wall unit takes up, and how many of your belongings it will safely store away. Have hanging space for pants, hooks for jewelry, shelves for sweaters or shoes, and even have open shelving for picture frames or other decorations to spruce up your space.

Adds Dimension

Adding a wardrobe wall unit will greatly increase the perceived size of your small room. By adding mirrors on the outside of the doors, you can create the visual appearance of more space. The reflecting light bouncing off of the mirror makes the room look airy and spacious. Plus, you’ll have a great new spot to check yourself out everyday!

Modify Easily For Irregular Shaped Rooms

If your room is shaped in an irregular way, or there’s a door that opens in an inconvenient place, you may think a wall unit won’t be able to fit. Wrong! By choosing the correct sized unit and type of doors, we will be able to make it happen. Pivoting, sliding, or folding doors all have unique properties and are beneficial to use for rooms with less space. For example, a sliding door will maximize your space even further in tiny rooms. If you don’t think your room is big enough for a wardrobe wall unit, let us be the judge of that!

Style & Flair

While we’re creating your perfect customized wall unit, we’ll also take into account color themes, wood, glass, metals, styles, and lighting you’ll want. Choose to accent your current home decor or flip it to a more modern or contemporary design. You can even mix up the textures to suit your personal tastes. Maybe you want wood doors with metal hardware, or glass doors with wood trim? How about having LED lights incorporated throughout the wall unit? Well, it’s completely up to you. There’s an endless amount of possibilities to transform your space all while staying within your budget.

If you’re considering adding a wardrobe wall unit to your room, let the experts help you get started. Contact Bella Systems Philly today to let us help you turn your dream wardrobe into a reality.

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