Efficient custom home offices increase work productivity


Changing the workforce’s workplace

According to Forbes.com, among the top 10 workplace trends for 2014 is an increase in the number of people who work from home. About one-third (17 million) of American workers freelance – as contractors and consultants – and Forbes predicts that within six years, freelancers will outnumber full-time employees.  That being said,  there is a growing need for home offices.  An effiecient home office will increase productivity because it will keep you well organized.

two work stations custom home office
Home Office


Companies that provide an opportunity to work from home – whether full-time or in a hybrid situation – usually require a designated home office space in which to complete your work.

To maximize your productivity, invest in a space that’s flexible, comfortable, and consistent.


  • Proper work surface – Do you need a desk, a bigger space for drawings or layouts, several different places to spread out? Bella Systems Philly uses 3-D imaging software to design your space and allows you to rearrange your space until you find a layout that works for you.
  • A comfortable chair – Do you have back problems or need a chair that encourages proper posture?  It is very important to have a nice comfortable chair for proper posture.
  • Customized storage – Bella Systems Philly offers many solutions including cabinets, shelves, slide out bins, and file drawers.
  • Good lighting – A well-lit space saves eyes and frustration. Bella Systems Philly’s 3-D software creates layouts that incorporate windows into a floor plan that utilizes natural in and artificial light.
  • Noise control – You’ll want to control sound – to keep your office “noise” from disturbing the rest of the house and to prevent household noises from leaking into the office when you’re working. Bella Systems Philly suggests using solid core doors and sound-dampening upholstered furniture and carpeting.

Making your home office work for you

Use Bella Systems Philly’s 3-D imaging software to create an efficient, flexible home office. Visualize your finished home office – its storage options, layout, and workspace – knowing you’ve created a space that’s functional, stylish, and will work with you.


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