Increasing Trend for Closet Systems for Bedrooms

Closet systems for bedrooms
Closet Systems


Closet systems for bedrooms are no longer reserved for multi-million dollar homes. Today, built in closet organizers are essential for homeowners that prefer clean, uncluttered living. The key benefit of closet systems is the high level of organization they provide, a factor which adds to usable living.

The great news is the average homeowner no longer has to feel obligated to spend exorbitant amounts of money for luxury closet systems anymore as market penetration by small and medium-sized businesses are offering better prices while maintaining a quality product line.

According to Business Wire statistics, the US home organization industry is growing as families are more blended than ever with grandparents or adult children living in the same household. Larger family units have created an increased interest in the home organization units, especially closet systems for bedrooms:

…two thirds of American adults strongly agree they could use more home organization products (not including food storage) in my home. Bedroom closets rank highest when consumers are asked are there any places or uses for which you could use more home organization products. Kitchen/pantry ranks second after bedroom closets, while bathroom comes in third.


As a matter of fact, when luxury home buyers are polled, most demand spacious walk-in closets with built-in closet organizers as a major factor in selecting a new home. Other top amenities desired include smart home technology systems, custom wine cellars, and full-feature steam showers. When selling your home, the convenience and style of a closet system for bedrooms will increase your home’s value and is certainly an attractive option for interested buyers.

The point here is that closet systems for bedrooms are now a top luxury trend for new homes, but existing homeowners can enjoy the same high level of chic clothing organization when by selecting a local closet system design and installation team in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Salem, and Cape May counties in New Jersey.


Three Key Factors When Choosing a Closet System for Bedrooms

Time spent in the mornings choosing an office outfit or the perfect ensemble for a night out on the town is dramatically reduced when your closet is organized in a systematic fashion.

1. Select a company that offers a lifetime guarantee along with a free replacement policy for the duration of ownership by the original purchaser. When your custom closet service provider offers a lifetime guarantee, it demonstrates that they are confident in the products they supply and the work of their installation technicians. Always check the terms and conditions of the guarantee to determine the extent of your protection

2. Research for customer reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the company’s level of professionalism. Often prior customers are eager to share when and if installation technicians were efficient and knowledgeable versus unorganized and did a shabby job. Word of mouth testimonials is the best way to determine the credibility of a business and should not be underestimated.

3. Expect a design consultation that offers multiple options and different price points that could fit your storage needs. One closet system does not fit all needs, therefore avoid a company that offers a very limited selection of basically off-the-shelf closet models. This would defeat the purpose of choosing a service that specializes in custom closet systems for bedrooms. Closet designers have a keen eye and can expertly combine organization with stylish design options.


Bella Systems Philly offers customized closet solutions for master, children, or guest bedrooms in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Salem, and Cape May counties in New Jersey

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