Custom Designed Wall and Entertainment Systems

Bar entertainment unit
Wall Unit with bar area

Solving the Closet Dilemma

Philadelphia is a city steeped in history. And there certainly is no shortage of historic structures, including quite possibly your home. If you happen to live in one of the many nineteenth century row homes in Philly, you are no stranger to the shortage of closet and storage space. Perhaps a custom designed and built wall unit by Bella Systems is the answer you’ve been looking for. We can design and build a completely customizable wardrobe wall unit to suit your individual space and requirements. Our built in units offer multiple types of functionality utilizing your available space to its full storage potential.

If you live in a smaller or older home, you no longer need to sacrifice closet space for the old world charm. Bella Systems Philly incorporates your new custom built unit into your building’s existing architecture. Let Bella Systems Philly convert your bedroom wall into a fully functional wardrobe and storage space that delivers:

  • Hanging and folding spaces
  • Shoe shelves and for folded clothes
  • Drawers
  • Hampers either tilt out or double pullout 
  • Adjustable shelves
  • LED lighting

Custom Entertainment Units

From DVD players and gaming consoles, to TVs, stereos and DVRs, the name of your everyday entertainment area may best be described as organized (or perhaps not so organized) chaos. Not to mention literally miles of unsightly cables and a plethora of remote controls, you keep telling yourself you need to get this area under control, but how? Consider a custom built entertainment center designed to meet your specific needs and space constraints.

Bella Systems Philly will custom design, build, and install your new organized entertainment system for perhaps far less than you might expect to pay for craftsmanship of this level. With areas specifically designed for your equipment and to hide all those unsightly cables, a Bella Systems Philly built in entertainment system is the right answer for you to organize and successfully exhibit this very integral part of your daily life. Our custom designed, built in units offer:

  • Adjustable, flexible shelving to display collectibles, books, photo albums, art, media center components, DVDs, CDs, games and remote controls
  • Cable management systems that route power cords and connecting wires out of sight but still easily accessible
  • Fabric door inserts to hide less-than-aesthetically-pleasing speakers and subwoofers while still allowing their sounds to fill the room
  • Integrated LED lighting that showcases your favorite art and collectibles and adjusts to your room’s lighting needs

Get organized! Let Bella Systems help you create the custom storage spaces of your dreams. Call Bella Systems today at (856) 286-1011 to set up your FREE consultation.

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