Custom Designed Wardrobe Wall Units

Unraveling the Clothing Storage Conundrum

In days of old closets were only found in the homes of the extremely well to do. You will find them only in older homes like Jefferson’s Monticello and Washington’s Mount Vernon, but it would be extremely rare to find indoor closets or storage places in a normal, older (over about 100 years) home. Even in these more opulent homes, closets were rarely used for storing clothes but more often to store foodstuffs and household implements. More akin to today’s pantries than to clothes closets. And Philadelphia is an old city just teeming with these older structures.

While the old world charm and sophisticated architecture of these older homes is aesthetically appealing, dealing with clothes storage will generally leave much to be desired. If you live with this particular dilemma, Bella Systems Philly has the answer to your problem; a custom designed and built wardrobe system!

In the days when these charming homes were built, clothes were not traditionally hung. The truth is, clothes hangers did not come into use until the latter part of the nineteenth century when there came an emphasis on sanitation and hygiene. This new line of thinking dictated that clothes be allowed to air out for better health. Initially, clothes hangers were called shoulders, and before the advent of these “shoulders” clothing was always kept folded in drawers or chests or even simply hung on wall hooks. Clothes storage was not really an issue in colonial times as even the most well to do colonial woman had but a few dresses. A row of hooks by the front door usually held all the clothing for the entire household.

It’s Time to “Think Outside the Closet”

Bella Systems Philly  is here to help you do just that, “think outside the closet” Even if you have those outdated bedroom closets that help you cram clothes into tight spaces, where anything hung on the ends or placed on the shelves becomes lost forever, a closet organizer can only accomplish so much. They simply cannot make the blind spots disappear entirely.

Walk in closets are much easier to deal with but did not gain any popularity until the 1950s. Meaning any home built before the mid twentieth century will not have any walk in closets. Bella Systems Philly will transform your walk in closet with built in vanities and wall units inside the closet.

Or, they will custom design and build a storage system within your bedroom to eliminate the need for any closets at all, or add the extra storage space your active modern lifestyle demands.

Let Bella Systems help you think outside the closet and create the custom clothing storage space of your dreams. Call Bella Systems today at (856) 286-1011 to set up your FREE consultation.


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