Customize Your Laundry Room

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Not Just for Laundry Anymore

In the modern home, the laundry room has developed into so much more than a room for washing clothes. It has become an integral part of everyday family living. This new space requires organization and storage. Bella Systems Philly recognizes the importance of this newly evolved area and is here to assist you in converting this formerly mundane space into the integral part of your home that your busy modern lifestyle dictates. Bella Systems Philly will custom design, build and install your custom laundry room unit complete with cabinets, countertops, shelving and clothes hanging areas. They will literally convert this essential space into an aesthetically pleasing area that compliments your home’s existing style.

A well thought out laundry room with utility sinks, cabinets and storage areas can serve multiple purposes by incorporating your washer/dryer area into a fundamental part of your living space. Your new laundry room will serve your busy modern lifestyle by providing storage for sports equipment, school gear, cleaning supplies, and shoes & jackets. It is now safe to say, the days of the laundry room being just a space for washing and ironing clothes are over.

Organization is the Key

The laundry room has somehow become a somewhat taboo area where we perform one of our most dreaded chores. However, with a customized laundry area featuring plenty of storage, space to wash, dry and fold clothes, as well as the ironing can almost make laundry day one of the joys of your domestic existence.

The need to keep the door closed on piles of unsightly laundry have passed. Bella Systems Philly will design and build a custom laundry room to fit your specific needs and desires. Our professionals will custom design your laundry room to fit your home’s existing style. Some of the ideas we incorporate into our laundry room units include:

  • Storage cabinets for mops and brooms and other supplies
  • Cubbies for muddy shoes
  • Adjustable shelves for detergents and cleaning products
  • Pull-out baskets
  • Spaces for folding, sorting and ironing
  • Storage for dirty and clean clothing
  • Hanging and drip-dry spaces that incorporate pull-down bars
  • Cabinets that hide all cleaning products
  • Locker areas for each of the kids

Get organized! Let Bella Systems Philly help you create the custom storage spaces of your dreams. Call Bella Systems Philly today at (856) 286-1011 to set up your FREE consultation.


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