5 Questions to Choose Between Entertainment Center Wall Units

entertainment center wall units


Entertainment center wall units might just be the most underrated piece of furniture in your house. Find or build the right unit, and you get a chance to hide the clutter while turning your TV and stereo into a feature piece. Go with the wrong one, and your family room or man cave just feels off.

But what do you actually need to do to make the first scenario become a reality? A few questions can help you choose between the plethora of options you have, and find the perfect wall unit for your entertainment center.

1) What’s My Style?

Naturally, your unit should match the overall design of the room in which it sits. Furniture styles can differ significantly, and those differences only become more important as you begin to consider your own preferred style.

Classic, curvy and heavy oak units come with different requirements than modern birch furniture than clean lines. Know the direction in which you want to go before making any other decision.

2) Where Will the Entertainment Center Wall Unit Live?

Are you looking for a unit in a man cave, a family room, or a formal living room? Each of these locations will result in slightly different units. And even within the same room, specifications can change depending on the available space.

A massive unit simply doesn’t make sense in a small room. Ceiling height, available wall space, and viewing angles should all play into the equation. The more you know about your space and what you’re looking for, the better.

3) What Size is My TV?

Generally speaking, your flat screen TV will probably be the feature piece within  your entertainment center wall unit. Even if it won’t sit within the unit but be attached to the wall above it, it orients the furniture around it.

That means the size of your TV needs to influence your choice in furniture. A 40-inch screen might get lost in a massive unit, while a 70-inch screen might need to be surrounded by more material. A curved TV adds an additional variable to this question.

4) What All do I Need to Store?

Naturally, your entertainment center will hold your TV. But what else does it need to store? Are you looking to include one or more gaming consoles in your man cave, or a classic record player in your formal living room?

Even something simple like a DVD collection should play into your answer to this question. Do you want to display it, or would you rather hide it behind a solid door or drawer? Consider everything that will live in your furniture to find a piece that makes the most sense specifically for you.

5) Can I Benefit From Customization?

Finally, the all-important question: given all of your individual storage needs, available space, and preferred style, can you benefit from a custom entertainment center wall unit over a one-size-fits-all approach?

More often than not, the answer is probably yes. No one’s entertainment needs and preferences are the same, which is why it’s impossible to find a unit that provides exactly what you’re looking for. As a result, you risk ending up with a unit that doesn’t actually hold its promise or only partially fulfills your needs.

That’s why it makes sense to work with a custom closet company in your area to help with your entertainment center needs. If you live in or around Eastern Pennsylvania, we’d love to work with you to understand your exact needs, and build a custom entertainment center wall unit to your exact specification. Visit our website to learn more about our services, and take your home entertainment experience to the next level.

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