Have Extra Space? Transform it Into a Boutique Dressing Room (Part 2)

Vanity with mirror, jewelry, scarves, perfume and accessories illustration We can all agree that more space is usually better, especially when it comes to closet space! Transforming an unused room into a dressing room has never been easier with the help of our closet organization systems that we design and build. This article will continue with even more great storage and design options we have to offer.


If you’re crazy about makeup and presentation, you’ll love adding a vanity to your dressing room. Vanities can include large mirrors, lights surrounding the mirrors for the perfect lighting, and chairs to relax in while you get ready! We can include the vanity into the island or built separate against a wall. You’ll never have to stand in front of the foggy bathroom mirror again or get tired standing up while curling your hair. Luxury awaits you.


After you’ve done all that work getting ready, you’ll want to know exactly how good you’re looking. We offer full length mirrors that mount on a wall or behind/in front of a door. If you’re searching for even more storage space, our full length mirror cabinets incorporates the mirror with extra storage behind them. You’ll always look your best with many options of mirror installations.

Jewelry Storage

Ah, one of your most prized possessions – your jewelry. We have many storage options for protecting these items. From custom jewelry drawers, velvet lined drawers, and hooks for necklaces or bracelets. You deserve the best and so does your jewelry. Rest assured they’re protected with any of our storage options.

Scarf Storage

In the winter months, a scarf is essential. Long gone are the days of scrunched up scarves thrown on the ground. With custom wall mounted hooks or cabinets with clothing rails to hang scarves on, you’ll always be able to find them with ease. If you’re not a scarf fan, hats can be hung on hooks or given their own dedicated shelf space too.


What about all the “extra” things you ask? We have you covered. Belts and ties can have their own individual rack making getting ready for work in the morning a walk in the park. Valet rods will hold your next outfit in excellent condition, making sure it’s ready to go for your next event.

For all those dirty clothes, you’ll need a hamper if you didn’t opt for one in our custom island. Hampers are built into cabinets, closets, or hidden in many ways. The tilt out appeal makes it easy to throw clothes in and not have them visible to anyone.

Pull out pant rods are another great accessory we offer. Hang your clothes with ease and be able to find them even easier. Your pants will stay crisp and organized whenever you need them. Simply pull out the rack and choose from any pants of your choice while having a clear view of them all.

Finishing Touches

Details are important. We want your new dressing room to incorporate your house vibes. If you have any crown molding in other areas of your house and would like to match it, we can do that. Crown molding to the ceiling or base board molding will make your room even more elegant and flow the architecture from the rest of your house.

Fancy hardware on drawers, doors, vanities, anywhere you want it. From silver finishes to brass, to glass or gold, you be the judge or let us decide what will look best. Dazzle your dressing room the way YOU want it.

Door and drawer styles are up to you to decide. You choose the final finishes on the units you desire, such as white or textured grain wood to complete the look.

Are you excited at the thought of turning your empty room into an amazing, functional, organized, dressing room? We are here to help you every step of the way. Let us show you how we can help you today! Contact Bella Systems Philly for more information.

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