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slat wall and shelving garage
Slat Wall and Overhead storage

Clean the Garage

We’ve all heard that! And probably more times than we would even like to admit. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could organize all that stuff? Just imagine, all your power tools hidden neatly away in cabinet, your hand tools organized and hanging within easy reach, right there on the wall, every screw, washer, all your various fasteners organized in separate bins, by size and usage. Who knows, you might even have room in your garage for a car. Imagine that, a car in your garage! Bella Systems Philly will accomplish all this and more, using every bit of your available garage space to its utmost capacity.

With a Bella Systems Philly custom designed and built garage storage system you can easily organize all the necessary tools and equipment, household products and overflow into a neat, orderly system that will serve you nicely for years to come.

Organization is the Name of the Game

With a Bella Systems Philly page garage storage unit, you will eliminate any wasted space in your garage, turning that space into an integral, organized part of your custom designed storage system. Let Bella Systems Philly create an organized space for all your tools, hobbies and supplies with:

  • Workbench systems that incorporate table space for woodworking, metalworking and other building hobbies, with custom storage for tools and materials
  • Home studio storage for your favorite garage band, with sturdy, protected instrument and equipment storage

Even if you currently use your garage to store your cars, Bella Systems Philly can organize all your unused space into functional storage areas, maximizing the organization of your garage space. Your custom designed and built system might include:

  • Garage storage wall systems for hanging bikes, golf clubs, fishing poles, bats, racquets, balls and bocce and croquet sets
  • Pegboard and slat walls
  • Cabinet systems for tool or hobby storage
  • Adjustable shelving systems

Not to mention that spider infested ceiling space. Bella Systems Philly can design and install an overhead storage system that will hold up to an astonishing seven hundred fifty pounds. This provides a perfect place to stash bulky, seldom used items such as:

  • Snow tires
  • Seasonal sporting equipment
  • Camping gear
  • Luggage
  • Holiday lights and decorations
  • Things you never use but are reluctant to dispose of

Let Bella Systems help you “clean the garage” and create the custom storage space of your dreams. Call Bella Systems today at (856) 286-1011 to set up your FREE consultation.

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