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Help Kids Stay Organized

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Kids as well as adults get frustrated when cleaning and tidying up. A closet organizational system for your child’s room can be a big help with keeping that frustration down. One thing to remember is that the system needs to be easy for your child to get to. By working within your child’s reach, you can start working with him to keep things put away and organized.

Here are some tips on what you should expect for a child’s closet system.

  • Use adjustable shelves and rods that your child can reach
  • Create different sections in your child’s closet to include folded clothes, hanging items, shoes, toy storage
  • Picture labels with words can be added to help younger kids make connections to certain storage areas
  • Easily adjust the organizational system to meet their needs as they grow
  • Use the doors of your kid’s closet to hang items (hair accessories, hats, maybe even the next day’s outfit)

If you have any questions about how to get your kid’s closet organized and functional for your little ones, call Bella Systems Philly for a Free in-home consultation. They staff closet professionals who can help you plan your kid’s closet space so that it is functional for years to come.