Helping Your Kids Stay Organized

Desk for kids
Desk is designed in family room for kids

Although monsters might not really live in your child”s closet, adding books, shoes and toys to already haphazardly hanging clothing could create a perfect monster habitat. Tame the tangled clothing chaos with a flexible organizational system. Even the messiest munchkin will appreciate the calm created when everything has its place.

“Ready-made closet systems aren”t usually designed with children in mind,” says Carolyn Francis, owner of Bella Systems Philly. “Children have different needs, starting with their height,” she says.

Bella Systems Philly suggests rethinking traditional closet setups when creating a kid-friendly space that offers unique solutions for making organization fun. Francis suggests several simple steps:

Step one: Weed out unnecessary, wrong-season, outgrown clothing. Use clear tubs for storing out-of-season clothing or clothing you”re saving for hand-me-downs. Anything else – donate to charity or give to a friend. Ask your child if she”d rather group clothing by outfit combos, color, or style (jeans, shirts, dresses, etc.) and hang accordingly. Use the sturdier kids” hangers that are much easier for little people to handle.

Step two: Involve your kids! “Bella Systems Philly uses state-of-the-art 3D design software,” says Francis, “so your child can get in on the action. He can pick out favorite colors and decide whether he prefers bins to shelves or a mix of both.” Choose colorful accessories that fit your kid”s personality. Invite your child to decorate and create his own labels.

Step three: Call Bella-Systems Philly for a closet consult with you and your child. Francis offers these suggestions when planning closets for kids: “A child won”t hang up her clothing if she can”t reach the rods, so install adjustable rods which will grow with your child. Also, incorporate plenty of boxes and bins for shoes, underwear, and socks.” If your child”s closet doubles as toy storage, incorporate shelves to hold stackable games and puzzles and bins to corral unwieldy, larger, oddly-shaped toys.

Keep the monsters out of your child”s closet! Contact Bella Systems Philly, and they will work with you and your child to create a user-friendly, affordable, fun closet that encourages your child”s excitement about staying at least a little more organized.


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