Keep Clean Clothes Wrinkle-Free

foldaway ironing board
Foldaway Ironing board

Keep Clean Clothes Wrinkle-Free

Many people dread ironing, but Bella Systems Philly offers solutions for changing the chore from drudgery to doable. We offer foldaway ironing boards that tuck away into your closet.  We have two types of ironing boards, one that folds away into a drawer and one that folds away into a cabinet.  Both stay ducked away until you need to do a quick iron touch up before going out.

The easily-accessible board:

  • folds into 16″ deep drawers
  • can go into a center island in larger walk-in closets
  • fits into a wall cabinet in many different closet designs
  • can be stored in a small drawer in the laundry room
  • banishes excuses for avoiding clothing that needs just a quick smoothing
  • works for de-wrinkling an entire load or quick touch-up

The best thing about foldaway ironing boards? They don’t become repositories for clothing you’ve not had time to sort and put away or collectors of kids’ toys or that pile of magazines you have every intention of reading – at some point.

Foldaway ironing boards – there when needed that store quickly and efficiently in the most logical place – where you keep your clothes! Easy set-up and put-away just takes seconds – no more forcing a full-sized standup ironing board into an overstuffed closet.

How can Bella Systems Philly help?

When our planners visit to plan your closet redesign, we’ll use our 3D imaging to create a layout that’s efficient and works for you, whether in tandem with an already existing closet or as part of a closet redesign. We’ll easily incorporate a foldaway ironing board into your new closet’s plan.


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