Keeping Closets Organized

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You tackled your closet. How do you keep it tidy without dedicating hours of your life to the task? Take heart! You accomplished the hardest task when you sorted, cleaned and organized your closet. Bella Systems Philly has a few tips to keep your closet neat and organized!

Constant Clothing Sorting

  • Put a box in your closet’s corner (or if space is limited, somewhere close by -the laundry room or linen closet floor, perhaps). Toss in clothing that doesn’t fit, you’re tired of, that may be soiled or have a rip or pull. When the box gets full, sort through it!

Maintaining Closet Organization

  • Hang clothes in their proper places – whether you’re wearing them again before cleaning, or after doing laundry
  • Put away: match shoes into pairs; hang scarves and belts; put bags and purses on their shelves
  • Group empty hangers together on a bar or take them to the laundry room

Maintenance Closet Cleaning

Incorporate closet cleaning into your bedroom cleaning routine only adds a few minutes per week – but isn’t that better than dedicating a day of your life to a complete closet cleanout?

  • Clean as you go. Has a spider taken up residence? Don’t put off eviction once you’ve seen the web.
  • De-clutter: transfer dirty clothes from floor to hamper; toss trash (like those clothing tags you clipped off but didn’t quite toss into the trash can)
  • Grab your Magic Eraser and erase smudges from shoes kicked into the closet or dirty fingerprints from the door
  • Vacuum or mop the floor

Still unhappy with the organization?

Bella Systems Philly uses 3D technology to create a variety of new closet scenarios with which our clients have the ability to try out different paint colors, organizational styles, and materials. Our company offers completely customizable closets that feature adjustable shelving, cubbies, lined baskets, jewelry drawers, tie racks, belt racks, pull-out hampers, hanging rods, shoe shelves, benches, islands and more. If you can dream it, we will create it.


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