5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Organized

Back to school organized kids toys and clothes in bedroom
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Summer is over, and your kids are going back to school. Soon enough, that means an amalgamation of clothes, homework, books, and countless other items all around their room and your home.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few tips, you can help your kids stay organized as we move into fall. Here are 5 of them to help you get started:

1) Clean Out the Closet

In most home, the bedroom closet is the biggest and most natural space to put a lot of the items that otherwise end up on the floor. Of course, that can only be true if your kid actually has the space to store away their clothes, homework, sports equipment, and more.

Your first step should be to clean out the closet. You’ll be surprised how many clothes, shoes, and other items that are no longer worn and no longer fit you will find. Go through them with your child, and donate anything that is still usable.

For the items that stay in the closet, consider an organizational system. Closet organizers, for instance, can do wonders in helping to store away the lacrosse stick or summer shoes.

2) Organize School Work

Next, it’s time to tackle the first major culprit for disorganization: the school work your child brings home on a daily basis. Sometimes, organization here is as simple as making sure your kid knows which books and notebooks they’ll need daily, compared to the items they only need periodically.

Organization can do wonders for helping your kid complete their homework. Once they know how to prioritize their individual assignments, you can build a storage system that matches that prioritization. You can even consider building a home office or desk area, which keeps all school work in a place specifically designed for your kid.

3) Find Single Spots for Activities

Next, try to separate your child’s belongings based on the type of activities. Sporting equipment, for instance, should stay together, preferably in an area of the home where it’s not in the way when the season is over or on break. With some organizational furniture, a laundry and mud room or your garage can turn into the perfect spot for your kid to drop off sporting equipment without it getting in the way.

Similarly, try to establish a homework spot. It might be your kid’s desk, or the dining room table. Either way, it should become the one space designated for homework, which prevents books and other school items from flying around the entire house.

4) Encourage Regular Cleanups

Let’s be honest: regardless of your initial organization efforts, not everything will stay in its place. A tired night after football practice, or a long night of homework toward the end of the semester, can quickly lead to the type of disorganization you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

That’s when regular cleanups come into play. No child likes cleaning up their room, but what if you can encourage it through incentives? Your parenting style will dictate this tip, but it might make sense to relieve your kid of regular household chores as long as their bedroom is clean. This is also a perfect opportunity to teach your child that being proactive will result in less work than having to clean everything up at once.

5) Don’t Get (Too) Frustrated

Finally, this is a tip for yourself rather than your child: not everything will go right. There will be times when they refuse to clean up, and it’s difficult to understand just what you can do different. When that happens, it’s vital not to get more frustrated.

We’re not child psychologists, but it’s well known that as children receive resistance, they can push back harder and actually refuse to clean up. The better idea is to offer your own help, not showing your frustration and instead working together to show that it’s not as big of a deal as it might seem.

Back to school is a great time for parents and children alike, but can also result in some significant disorganization around your home. If the above tips aren’t enough to rein it in, you might need new storage options. We’re a custom closet company in the Philadelphia area who would love to help you improve your home’s organization. Browse our website to find solutions that match your needs.

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