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Keeping Laundry in Line

white front load washing machine
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white front load washing machine

Streamlining and Styling your laundry rooms and closets

Laundry rooms get a bad rap for their cramped, disorganized quarters that often make a necessary task even less inviting and more dreaded. Instead of stocking up on several months worth of underwear and clothing, Bella Systems Philly has several solutions for you, whether your laundry area’s a spacious room housing the latest and greatest in washer/ dryer technology or a tiny hall closet which just barely fits a stackable washer/ dryer set.

Laundry room and laundry closet possibilities

Consider the space. Is there room for shelving, an ironing board, drying bars, baskets, bins or catch-all tins?

  • Shelves offer many uses
  • Those with dividers help keep folded, stacked clothing neat and organized before it’s put away
  • They provide space for catch-all tins to hold forgotten change, buttons that fell off in the wash, sewing kits, or a Tide stain stick
  • Bella Systems Philly’s shelves are easily adjustable so they keep up with your storage needs
  • Drying bars work well for hanging clothing that shrinks if put in the dryers - and also keep freshly-ironed clothing from attracting unwanted wrinkles
  • Baskets and bins keep detergents and dryer sheets contained in one spot
  • We can add a folding ironing board to your set-up, too, so everything’s stored together for easier management

Why a laundry room revitalization’s worth the investment

A laundry room or laundry closet that offers flexible storage options and a pleasing, consistent design will facilitate organization. Adding in a pop of your favorite color and a framed picture or print will incorporate personality into a utilitarian space.

Banish the blahs with a Bella Systems Philly laundry room or laundry closet makeover. Instead of dreading a task in a dark, disorganized space where dryer lint threatens to attack, your supplies will sit within fingertip’s reach, and you’ll appreciate more the scent of freshly dried sheets.

Bella Systems Philly would also like to suggest that a laundry room makeover is the perfect gift for a newlywed couple or recent graduate striking out on his own. With the holidays looming closer, why not consider the unique gift of a laundry room or closet reorganization? While we can’t offer a magic solution that banishes laundry chores forever, we can tailor a laundry room or closet to match the recipient’s needs and style.

Martha is the Founder and award-winning Principle designer of Modern Spaces. She has over 30 years in design experiences and 15 years as a lead designer across multiple renowned companies.

She holds a BA and MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is also an active member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects).