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Media Centers: Boring is out and Beautiful is in

black flat screen tv on brown wooden tv rack
white wooden coffee table near white sofa
gray and white living room set

The living room, which was once a place to sit because there was little else to do, has become a hub of activity and entertainment. It should be a far cry from your mother’s heavy cabinets, dark panels and brocade upholstery. With diverse options for home entertainment systems, families have carved out what is now known as the family room, or media center. 

The Media Center of Your Dreams Keeping your stereos, television sets, game systems and computers organized can be a challenge, especially with younger family members who have their own ideas of where remotes and game accessories should be kept. (Hint: That spot is usually where you’re most likely to trip over them). Customized shelves that are measured and arranged for your equipment and the people who use them will enhance the livability of your living area and the functionality of your entertainment center. Having enough shelves to store everything is half the battle.

 Your storage system should also include covered cabinets that will hide clutter when you have to pick up on short notice. 

Elements of Style in a Media Room The media room is one of the most lived-in rooms of your home, where family and friends can hang out together and bond over Monday night football and video game nights. Wouldn’t it be cool if you had all the amenities within reach? For instance, keeping a mini-fridge stocked up with drinks and snacks makes hosting guests a breeze. Non-perishable snacks can be kept behind closed doors of your media center cabinets. Make this space your own by ensuring that your tastes shine through in the room’s design. If you’re happy in this space, your guests will feel the welcoming atmosphere. Create a Media Room for the Family That Plays Together It isn’t necessary to splurge on a big-budget renovation to get the kind of media room your family will love. Decide what you want, put your plans on paper and create your ideal room in stages. Begin the process by obtaining foundation pieces such as the shelves and cabinetry for your equipment. Invest in quality furniture that can take the wear and tear of constant use. For larger rooms, designate separate areas for snacking, watching television and playing games. This arrangement will make the room more functional. It’s also a good idea to install clever shelving units that can be adjusted as you replace or add components to your home theater system. Expandable modular shelves can be reconfigured according to your needs. If you need help creating your grand plan, call on the experts at More Space Place in Austin. The initial consultation is free, and you can always visit the showroom for design ideas.