Murphy Bed Benefits: Why You Need One

Home Office and Murphy Bed Combination
Home office with a Murphy Bed

Are you looking to double functionality of a room without compromising space? A Murphy bed is your solution. Murphy beds keep small spaces in mind, and are known for their ability to fold up into a wall within a moments notice creating more floor space. Whether you need the space for an office, guest room, studio apartment, or spare room, a Murphy bed or “wall bed” will give you many great benefits.

There are two main ways to install Murphy bed into your space.

1. The bed is hidden behind multiple doors, and then the bed pulls down once the doors open. Side cabinets, shelving, or drawers can be added to either side of the bed. Having these side accessories really makes the bed feel like it’s a part of the room whether it’s down or hidden.

2. The bed folds down and only has one solid front. In the front of the bed it can have shelving or desks attached. Having an attached desk would be great for a home office or student.

Along with these great options, they come in various finishes and crown molding to add a nice accent to add to your home’s decor. They can accommodate Twin, Full or Queen size mattresses.

Benefits to Murphy Beds:

Saving Space

Who wouldn’t want more space? One of the top reasons people install Murphy beds is saving space. Due to their room versatility, you can quickly hide the bed in seconds, leaving valuable room for exercise, work space, kids toys, or any other activities. The bed stays hidden until you are ready to use it again.

If the bed will be in your child’s room, this will allow more play space for them to use their imaginations. It’s truly a lifesaver if you don’t have much space to allow them to get any extra energy out!

A desk attached to the bottom of the bed is an excellent option to transform the room into a home office when the bed flips up and away.

Empty nesters will love the extra space after their children leave for college. They can use the space for their activities or needs, yet still have the space for their children or grandchildren to come and visit.

Expecting guests and don’t have a guest room? With the flick of your wrist, you can transform a spare room or home office into a cozy extra guest room as opposed to the floor or couch. The multi-functionality benefit is a game changer for smaller houses.

Elegant Designs

Murphy beds are making a huge comeback recently and the design features are better than before. Adding shelves to the sides of your bed can create a mini library, or hold fancy belongings. Options are also available to decorate the cabinet door (hiding the bed) with different finishes and hardware.

Our wall-mounting systems do very little damage to the wall, and there are straps now available to hold your bedding in place each time you flip your bed up or down. No box springs are used on this type of bed, it lies on a wooden platform secured by another strap. Without needing to change the sheets nightly, it leaves you with more time and less stress.

Money Saving

Traditional beds offer no versatility. By being able to transform in seconds, you’re saving money by not needing additional furniture. Being able to double as two different rooms as one, your living space is instantly more valuable and enhanced.

Start your own room transformation today with a Murphy bed! With so many options, you’re sure to find a solution to fit your needs. Contact Bella Systems Philly to inquire more information.

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