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Organization Hacks for Pantry Perfection

assorted glass jars on white wooden shelf
brown wooden shelf with bottles
brown wooden shelf with bottles

We’ve all seen them in magazine spreads and on Pinterest boards – perfect, gleaming pantries that make organization enthusiasts drool while the unorganized masses scratch their heads in baffled wonderment. These unbelievable feats of organization seem impossible for the average, often-used and rearranged pantry.

Pantry clutter seems to be an ongoing battle for just about everyone, but tackling the problem is easier than you think. With the help of some organization staples used by clean-up gurus everywhere – and a little planning – you too can achieve an efficient, tidy pantry.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite organization solutions and how you can utilize them to turn that catastrophic clutter into a pantry closet that’s worthy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Read on!


Pantry Closet Organizers

Create the feel of custom cabinetry with the addition of pantry organizers. The simple addition of spacers and extra shelves can provide tons of usable space that often goes unnoticed. Here’s the truth, the standard design of your pantry is probably not built with organization, beauty, or overall function in mind. Most pantries consist of shelves that are too wide and too tall, dimensions that are hard to utilize effectively. It’s no wonder you have stacks of canned vegetables and cereal boxes shoved into any available opening! Spacers, shelves, and dividers are all easy do-it-yourself options that could help you achieve efficiency with just a small amount of effort.

Add Some Drawers

Drawers are a great way to add dimension to your pantry closet, giving you an awesome way to store smaller items. This is a simple, elegant fix that cleans up visual clutter with very little effort. Out of sight, out of mind! Stack several sets of drawers to use your vertical space with greater efficiency and customize them with personalized handles and knobs that add an aesthetic quality that speaks to you.

Pullout Shelving  

One of our favorite additions to any pantry is pullout shelving. Store your appliances with ease and slide them away without another thought. This option also adds a little more working space to your household kitchen. You can also use these pullout shelves to easily attain the hard-to-reach items that have converged in the back of your pantry. No more digging through your pantry staples and creating a bigger mess in order to grab that can of tomato paste!


Baskets and Storage Containers

There’s nothing as visually appealing as wicker baskets and matching containers that keep everything neat and orderly. Use baskets to hide bread, produce, and other unwieldy items that typically take up space and look messy. Another great feature: you can remove your baskets and easily transfer all the contents to your cooking space. We also love using stackable storage containers such as the OXO system to keep all our snacks as neat as possible while remaining easy to find.

Vertical Shelving

Organize those pesky pots and pans with the addition of custom vertical shelving. With a backboard and some hooks you can create the perfect place to hang your kitchenware, tools, and aprons. Using the walls and inner door of your pantry is an amazing way to create more space for your foodstuffs and relieve yourself of the headache of stacking those clunky pots and pans. Another idea: create vertical shelving for baking sheets by adding dividers that essentially create slim cubby holes.


If you’re ready to tackle your pantry closet but find yourself in need of a little more expertise, please contact us at Bella Systems Philly. We specialize in designing and installing custom organization solutions that maximize the potential of your storage spaces. Whether you’re looking for a head-to-toe closet makeover or customizable additions, we have everything you need to make your organization dreams a reality.