Organize your closet

Many tips to organize your closet and keep it neat


pull down clothes rodProfessional closet organizers and designers know that one of the secrets of a great looking closet is matching hangers.  

One of the best ways to keep your closet organized is with matching hangers. Even all white plastic hangers make the closet look cohesive and organized. Using the proper hanger will often save space and be better for the garments. My favorite hanger is the velvet hangers.  Velvet hangers keep shirts from slipping off.  They are also thinner and it will save you hang space.

Store like items together. Hang blouses in one section, pants and skirts in another section, and jackets in another. It’s easier to “shop” your closet when the clothes are grouped together. You can also groups colors together—it looks good and makes it easier to find a certain item.

Get shoes up off the floor. A row of shelves that is wide enough for two or three pairs of shoes across is the best way to store shoes. It takes more space, but slanted shelves are great to display and really see your shoes. Keep off-season and dressy shoes in clear plastic boxes on the top shelf of the closet. Take a photo of the shoe and tape it to the box to easily identify what’s in the box.

Organize your jewelry drawer.  Look for drawer inserts with different size dividers at home stores.  Earring trees and bracelet racks are a neat way to store jewelry on a shelf.

Utilize space with hooks. Hooks are great to take advantage of space behind a door or on a wall that can’t be used for shelves or hanging. They can be used for clothing, purses, belts, necklaces, scarves and hats. They come in different sizes and finishes to match any closet décor.

Ask yourself, ‘Does it fit? Does it flatter? Will I ever wear it again?’ Let that be your mantra for deciding what to get rid of. Weed out your closet of clothes that don’t belong at least twice a year. Don’t let something you know you’ll never wear again clog up your organized closet!  Every time you add a new item to your closet, remove one old item from your closet.

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