Pantry Pride


The pantry: humble beginnings

The name “pantry” derives from the Latin “panis,” or bread. In medieval Europe, the pantry stored bread and the ingredients necessary to make it, and the person in charge of this room was called the pantler.

In America in the 1800s and early 1900s, pantries were built into the north corner walls (the coldest part) of upper class homes and mansions. Homeowners used these rooms to store foods and kitchen supplies. Larger homes often had several pantries each with a specific storage purpose.

Some pantries became washrooms, with wooden sinks so the fine china wouldn’t chip. The butler’s pantry served as a place where the butler would count, inventory and polish silver. Pre-refrigeration, a cold pantry became a more practical option than an icebox, because its construction incorporated air circulation that created a cool environment suitable for storing eggs, pastries, butter, and pie.

A pantry renaissance

Since the late 1990s, the pantry has made a comeback and become one of the most-requested features in homes today. Today’s modern pantries serve a variety of storage purposes: foods, tableware and serving pieces, linens, and other dining room or kitchen tools.

Most pantries live in spaces – closet-sized or smaller – between kitchens and dining rooms. Some pantries are merely pullout shelves tucked in narrow spaces between a refrigerator and a wall. Other more elaborate pantries include countertops, bar sinks, mini or wine refrigerators, humidors, and dishwashers.

Bella Systems Philly’s Pantry designs

Pantry with Lazy Susan and drawers
Pantry with Lazy susan

Whether you live in a newer house which offers more kitchen storage options or an older home with fewer places to stash a month’s supply of canned goods and cereal boxes, Bella Systems Philly offers a variety of choices to re-imagine a pantry designed to work for you.

Our designers will bring our 3D planning software that will grant you instant access to all kitchen storage possibilities. From pullout shelving units to wall units to fully equipped mini-kitchen pantries designed to facilitate easier, more efficient entertaining, Bella Systems Philly will design a pantry that fits your needs, vision, and budget.


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