Small Laundry Room Ideas

white laundry room with cabinets and pullout baskets
White Laundry Room

Small laundry rooms can make it tough for doing laundry. Cramped, narrow spaces mean you have very few places to set your essential laundry items, let alone the laundry itself. You might be forced to squeeze into a small laundry room that simply won’t accommodate your needs. However, with a bit of creativity, you can maximize the space of a small laundry room and turn this oft-used room into a pleasant space.

Here are some small laundry room ideas that can help you get organized and make you look forward to doing laundry.

Get stacked

A stackable washer and dryer system can make the most of your vertical space. This can leave room for wall-mounted laundry room cabinets for more storage, or other useful space-saving items like flip-down drying racks or storage towers. In small laundry rooms, space is at a premium, so a stackable system can free up valuable floor area as well, making room for laundry baskets, more laundry room cabinets, or even valuable surface area.

Simple tools for a small laundry room

Ideas abound for your small laundry room when it comes to found storage options. If you don’t have the space for laundry room cabinets, consider stackable storage boxes with lids that can also serve as valuable surface area. Narrow rolling carts can slip into the tiniest of spaces. Wire wall racks can serve to hold detergents and other items. Items that work in kitchens can also serve up ideas for your small laundry room, such as cabinet door hangers, dish bins and wall hangers.

Pretty up your small laundry room

Just because you have a small laundry room doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to feel that way, especially when you spend a lot of time there. Consider a new paint job or perhaps a bit of decals or wallpaper. Bright colors can open up a small space, and uniform colors can give your small laundry room a much larger feel. A bright ceiling light can make the laundry room feel less cramped. At the very least, a decorative touch can make a small laundry room more pleasant to use.

Need more ideas to maximize your laundry room space, contact Bella Systems Philly. We will give you the best ideas for your laundry room and work within your budget. Call Carolyn today at 856-286-1011 or email

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