The Message your Closets Could Be Sending Potential Buyers

reach in closet with pullout baskets


Selling your home is a highly invasive process. You might not be there when potential buyers come into your home (and for good reason!), but that doesn’t mean that you and your family aren’t present in a million other ways. As those potential buyers walk through your household, no stone is left unturned. They will open every door, every cabinet, and yes—every closet.

Seeing how you are managing your life in that home is going to help give the buyer a clue as to whether the house is set up for optimal functioning, and believe it or not, a functional closet could be the thing that tips the sale one way or another.

You might think that is putting a lot of stock into a single closet, but actually, functional closets are rated as one of the most highly sought after elements by home buyers. Potential buyers want to see that the home has plenty of storage to keep their own clutter out of the way, and seeing a bunch of your clutter around the house isn’t going to make them feel any better about that prospect.

Want evidence? Here are a few messages your closest could be sending buyers when you are trying to sell your home:

1. This home is way too small for this family, and so it is probably too small for us too. This is the message that an overstuffed closet will send, particularly closets that are loaded with clutter from ages ago.

2. It doesn’t look like this closet has been cleaned, and so who knows the deeper issues that could be lurking in this house. A messy closet indicates that you haven’t been keeping up with regular home maintenance, and could scare away some buyers.

3. There is not enough storage in this home for things like luggage and holiday décor. If your closets make it look like you can’t even store your laundry, then people will start to question where they could even put their larger items.

Of course, not all of the closets messages have to be negative. Stepping into a large, well organized closet with plenty of shelving and everything in its place could suddenly make a buyer see the potential in their own life. Make the buyer think this is how the other half lives, and then have them realize it could be all their own!

The best part is that closet installation is simple and takes absolutely no time at all, and is easy to accomplish even on a small budget. This is one update that is sure to help you sell your home. Contact us for more information.

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