Two Easy Steps to Tame the Garage Clutter


The leaves are turning, the air is crisper. While the squirrels work diligently to prepare for winter, now’s the time to reclaim your garage! When clutter climbs your walls ,and your parking space starts to resemble an elaborate Tetris screen, your garage might be in need of a dire de-cluttering and organization system.

But with everyday life’s hassles, who has the time to schedule a massive undertaking like organizing the garage? Carolyn Francis, owner of Bella Systems Philly trims the entire process down to two easy steps:

Step 1: Eliminate Clutter– Toss, recycle, or give away anything you haven’t used in two years, is broken, or you (or your partner) labels “junk.” Group similar items together: tools, equipment, and toys, says Francis.

Step 2: Call Bellagarage shelving and slat wall-Systems Philly– Francis says that Bella Systems Philly has several options available to help you take the garage clutter monster. “The best way to eliminate clutter is to have it off the floor by adding shelving or slat boards,” she says.

The motto of Bella-Systems Philly is “Turn your storage into a thing of beauty.” Invite them to create a storage system that works for you and your garage. The designers work with you to design, using 3D models, the most efficient use of your space. The company’s completely customizable garage shelving includes both wall units and ceiling units.

“For the limited budget,” suggests Francis, “add overhead storage, which is perfect for storing seasonal items.” Large overhead storage can hold over 500 pounds and be custom-sized to the garage.

Francis suggests shelving and slat board for a moderate budget. Slat board walls organize hanging items like lawn equipment, hoses, large toys, and bikes by keeping them off the floors and within easy reach.


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