Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas

Walk-in Closet Organization Ideas
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One of the best storage places for all of your daily used clothes, accessories, and valuables is a walk-in closet. With so many benefits, including a private dressing room, convenience, and more space, the most common reason people love walk in closets is for the organizational benefits.

Keeping your walk-in neat and organized can make your life flow better and provide you with less stress. It’s been proven that having an organized home can reduce depression and make people happier.


Let’s take a look at some incredibly useful walk-in closet organizing tips anyone can benefit from.

Organizing Clothes

If you’re building your walk-in closet from scratch, make sure to install at least one full wall of clothes hanging space. Maximize closet space by having a double-rod organizer, utilizing the top rack for tops and bottom rack for pants. Hang dress shirts, pants, blazers, dresses, skirts, and sweaters. Shelving units can be used for t-shirts, workout gear, hoodies, pjs, undergarments, and other clothes that you don’t mind folding. At the end of one clothing rod, save a space for leftover hangers to reduce clutter elsewhere.

Storing Shoes

Did you know the average woman has about 40 pairs of shoes?! Shoe rack tension rods are great for keeping shoes organized, or take up even less space by fitting flats, heels, and flip flops on the back of a hanging door shoe organizer. Cubbies are also great for smaller shoes. If space allows, show off your favorite or most expensive shoes on a shelf.

Dirty Clothes Dilemma

No one wants their dirty clothes thrown all over the floor or shown off to unexpected house guests. Add a hamper to your walk in closet for easy tossing day after day. Purchase a portable one to put in a corner, an over the door hanging one, or a clothes color divider system to make laundry day even easier. Custom slide or tilt out hampers are another excellent solution to battling the never ending dirty laundry.


Coming in all shapes and sizes, accessories are a huge part of who you are. Jewelry trees or boxes are a simple and effective jewelry organizational tool if you have a vanity, shelf, or tabletop to place it on. Drawer jewelry organizers are also great if you want your items to be out of sight. You can hang purses on hooks for easy yet neat access. Scarves, gloves, and hats can go in bins or cubbies. Create a labeling system for drawers or bins for even easier searching.

Building a Custom Walk-In Closet

If you already have a walk-in closet space or are thinking about remodeling your bedroom to make room for one, there are many custom organizational options Bella Systems Philly can create to fit your personal needs.

Choose from these selections to make the most of your closet space:

  • Cabinets with drawers
  • Glass door cabinets
  • Tilt-out or slide-out hampers
  • Valet rods
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Slanted shoe shelves
  • Lined pull-out baskets
  • Custom Jewelry drawers
  • Tie and belt racks
  • Mounted hook racks
  • Islands

Also consider adding a small charging station to your walk-in closet so you can easily organize and charge your cell phones, tablets, smart watches, and music players all in one place.

Simple Organizational Hacks to Try Today:

  • Use shoeboxes to make compartments inside drawers.
  • Roll shirts to maximize drawer space.
  • Use ice cube trays to organize jewelry.
  • Cut pool noodles – insert into boots to keep shape.
  • Use hooks to store hanging items.
  • Tie scarves or belts around a hanger.
  • Store out of season clothes in comforter bags.

Walk-in closets are a great way to store all of your most valuable possessions. See how we can help you organize your closet today, contact Bella Systems Philly for more information.

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