Wall Units and Entertainment Centers Display Your Television with Style

Entertainment Wall Unit

Wall Units and Entertainment Centers Display Your Television with Style

Today’s flat screen televisions aren’t your grandfather’s cathode-ray sets. The boxy, huge televisions with thick glass screens were first introduced in 1922 and sold well until the early 2000s, but since 2006, have been replaced by the sleekly designed flat screen LCD and LED televisions.

The original sets posed interesting decorating dilemmas – some televisions came installed in large, cumbersome cabinets. Others sat in “places of honor” atop specially designed stands. Handy homeowners built their own units around the sets, and people pondered the best ways to incorporate the televisions into their home décor.

The sleek-screened televisions invade less space. But the newer technology comes at a price – style. The large, black shiny-framed sets don’t work in every space, and that’s where creating a space to work with your home’s style becomes so important.

The First Steps to Solving the Flat Screen Decorating Dilemma

Twenty-first century televisions pose a new decorating dilemma – one for which Bella Systems offers many solutions. But first, consider the television’s function in its home:

  • How best should the television be displayed in its space?
  • Should the television sit front and center, the first thing one notices when entering a room?
  • Or should the set recede into the background, only an active participant when it’s on?
  • Is the room multi-purpose, where people relax to watch a show but also run a business?
  • Is it in a family room that also features a Blu-ray or gaming system that also runs through the television?

Bella Systems’ Solution for Today’s Entertainment

The beauty of a Bella Systems wall unit or entertainment center is that it’s completely customizable to your needs. Our company can create a unit with

  • doors to conceal the television
  • shelves and drawers for storage

We’ll provide an in-home consult and plug our measurements into our 3D planning software so you can see the potential immediately. You’re able to choose materials, style, and finishes. Your television can be the star of the center or a supporting cast member. You decide.


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