Well-heeled society, storing shoes can sometimes be a challenge

Slanted shoe shelves
Slanted shoe shelves with chrome rails

Well-heeled society

While today’s platform heels inspire awe and disbelief with their creativity and soaring heights, the heel is hardly a modern invention. Ancient Romans wore heels to stay above the muck in the streets. Ancient Egyptian butchers wore heels to avoid the offal. Mongolian horsemen wore heels to make it easier to keep their feet in the stirrups.

Gradually, heels became a fashion statement. The male European aristocracy of the 1600s wore heels as a status symbol. After all, who else could possibly function in wobbly, impractical footwear?

As fashion trickled to the lower classes, upper class heels grew increasingly taller. Among the aristocracy, heel shapes changed – women wore tall, skinny heels (think the birth of the stiletto), and men wore thicker, chunky heels. Gradually, perhaps feeling that their masculinity was decreased by high-heeled shoes, the men stopped wearing them.

When the Age of Enlightenment arrived bringing with it rational thought, everyone stopped wearing heels. Too impractical, the rational thinkers said, eschewing heeled footwear – at least until the mid-19th century, when women began posing – in high heels only. The rest, as they say, is history.

How many shoes are in your closet?

An unofficial survey of several Internet sites indicates that the average number of shoes owned by a woman aged 25 – 50 is 20 to 60 pairs of shoes.  Most women wear only 4 to 7 pairs of their shoes regularly. Some say it’s because they forget what shoes they have. Others buy shoes to match just one particular outfit. Many confess that they own shoes they’ve never worn.

Regardless of whether you have 20 or 70 pairs, to avoid a jumbled up mess in your closet, call Bella Systems Philly to help sort and organize your shoes. We’ll use our 3-D imaging software to create a closet designated just for shoes, incorporate shoe storage into an already existing closet, or add customized shoe storage to an entire closet redesign.

Feel like Cinderella – without the missing shoe. We’ll wave our magic wand and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, you’ll have the perfect shoe closet that’s right for you. No more mismatched shoes. Each pair will have its place, and your prince won’t need to wait while you coordinate an outfit from head to sleek, stylish, sophisticated toe.


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