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Woman Caves

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Woman Caves

If "man cave" evokes visions of leather couches or sagging, stained sofas, big screen televisions, massive stereo systems and kegerators, what do you envision for a "woman cave"? Bella Systems Philly believes these "caves" should exude a nurturing, peaceful air that’s meant to energize, recharge and relax. The trick? Determining the desires and style of the "cave dweller" and creating her dream sanctuary.

A Crafty Den of Creativity

Does spending an hour or six designing jewelry appeal? Does the sound of sewing machines get your blood racing? Are you a member of the "she who dies with the most yarn wins" club? The best thing about crafting is - the supplies. The worst thing about crafting is - the supplies. Where to store everything?

Bella Systems Philly doesn’t just design and build closets and offices. We love the challenge of creating craft rooms that offer plenty of storage and workspace - stylishly. If a well-ordered, welcoming craft room that inspires creativity (and not an overwhelming impulse to clean and organize) is on your list, let us design the perfect crafting "woman cave" for you.

Bella Systems Philly Designs Craft Storage and Craft Rooms

Whether you have enough yarn or fabric to open your own store, paper for cards and scrapbooks galore and need a place (besides the kitchen table) to relax, design, and create, Bella Systems Philly will use its 3D imaging software to transform a spare room or jumbled, disorganized space into a crafter’s dream woman cave. Spend your time reenergizing and creating and leave your cave refreshed and ready to face the world!

Uncork and Rewind

Crafting is not your thing, but you would love an area designated just to enjoy your wine and relax and forget about your workday.  Bella Systems Philly can design a relaxing space for wine storage that can also include a TV entertainment center.  The best wines are the ones we drink with friends!