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You’re Not Out of Room for Shoes… You Just Need to Organize

person holding black stilettos
black backpack on white chair beside cabinet
photography of assorted-color shoes lot on box

Have you ever wondered how you’ve managed to collect so many shoes? Have you wondered almost immediately thereafter, what on earth you were going to do with all of your beloved shoes? Have you thrown shoes away that you love, simply because you had to make room for more shoes and other things? What if there was a way to keep all of your shoes, and have room for more?

Whether you realize it or not, much of the problem people face with storing their favorite fashion items, has much more to do with organization that it does with the items themselves. With the right organization, you can maximize your space and still have all of the things that make you feel good about yourself. Besides, what is more impressive than an organized closet space filled with beautiful, classy, fashionable shoes? Well…almost nothing!

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you want a slanted shelving design, or a flat shelving design for your organized space. As with anything, there are pros and cons to having either, so it is a good idea to explore both options thoroughly.

Flat Shelving

Flat shelving is basically the standard shelving that comprises most of what you may have seen in your favorite closet designs. The plus side of this system is that you can use dividers to create relatively small cubes to fit shoes into, and you can have more than if you’re using a slanted shelf. Another plus to the flat shelf is that it gives a highly organized appearance to your closet. Everything will have it’s own little box, and will be easy to find when you need it. The downside of flat shelving, is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of displaying your collection, and it can be a little more difficult to access the shoes, should they be pushed back into the shelving further than intended. This is probably a better option for someone who has more shoes than space. If you have a few pairs of shoes that are truly your favorites, and you want to display them in a flat design, you may want an individual unit encased in glass with internal lighting to really set the collection off.

Slanted Shelving

With a slanted shelf, the backside of the shelf is higher up, so that the heel is higher than the toe. This can create a beautiful display stand in each shelf for your favorite shoes, but they generally do require a rail on the front of the shelf to keep the shoe from coming off. This setup also makes the shoes a little easier to access, because the high shelf creates a bit of a backstop, so that it is difficult to push the shoe away from you as you reach for it. In addition, the lighting you choose for your closet can accentuate your collection by illuminating more of the shoe in a slanted design, as opposed to much of the shoe being in the “shadows” of a flat shelving design. The only negative to the slanted shelving concept is that you lose space because of the different levels from front to back of the shelf. This idea is probably geared more towards the person with ample space for the size of the shoe collection they have. Whether you want slanted shelves or flat shelves, one great addition to any shoe storage, is a storage bench that you can sit on while you change shoes, or convert to a stepping stool for reaching to the highest ares of your storage space.


Regardless of the design you have in mind, the most important decision you can make in the process of organizing your shoes and other belongings is the company you entrust with the design and implementation of the plan. So again, what is more impressive than an organized closet space filled with beautiful, classy, fashionable shoes? The only thing more impressive than the organization and the collections themselves is the company who can organize it all for you without you being overwhelmed by the project. That’s where WE come in.


At Bella Systems Philly, we set the benchmark for the Philadelphia and South Jersey area. If you’ve seen a closet that is the envy of everyone in your peer group, odds are, we are the ones who organized it. Contact us today, and let us get your shoe collection in order!