Your feet work hard – treat them kindly

slanted shoe shelves
Slanted Shoe Shelving with shoe rails

Your feet work hard – treat them kindly

Walking, running, jumping or standing on two legs has its advantages, but the 26 bones in each of your feet take a pounding. Feet

  • provide a base for the rest of the body
  • work as shock absorbers when we move
  • act like levers to propel us in whatever direction we choose to move

Five ways to care for your feet

  • Wear comfortable shoes
    • Nothing wrong with heels, but make sure they fit properly, and give your feet, leg ligaments and muscles a break by alternating heels with lower, supportive shoes
    • Natural fabrics like leather and cotton breathe better than synthetics
    • Athletic shoes feature mesh and other materials that work well for feet
    • Alternate shoes by not wearing the same pair two days in a row (a great excuse to shoe shop!)
  • Take a walk
    • Foot muscles, ligaments and tendons need exercise to maintain their flexibility
    • Sore arches? Use supports. Also, vary your walking surface – dirt, grass, sand, and cinder tracks allow more “give” and cushioning for walking
  • Wash ’em every day
    • Your feet are trapped in stockings, socks, shoes daily, and washing them removes sweat (and odor!) which decreases the chance for bacteria or fungus to grow
    • No fancy wash necessary (but don’t deny yourself the luxury!). Soap and water work just fine, too.
    • Dry well – remember, moisture invites bacteria – and use a little foot powder to maintain that dryness
  • Moisturize
    • Sound contradictory? A little cocoa butter lotion rubbed into your feet (avoid the space between the toes), especially the heel and ball, keeps those areas from cracking and becoming painfully dry.
    • Serious lizard feet? Coat liberally with a cocoa butter lotion before bedtime and slip on a pair of 100% cotton socks. Your feet will be smoother and less dry in the morning (and the socks keep your sheets clean).
  • Wear socks
    • Socks provide cushion and wick away moisture
    • Socks keep shoes from rubbing and causing blisters
    • Natural fiber socks (think cotton and wool) work well for daily use, and athletic high-performance synthetic socks are perfect for sports

Treat your shoes with respect, too

Since shoe variety is a key to foot health, give shoes their due respect, too. Shoes shouldn’t lie jumbled on your closet floor. It’s hard to find a match set, and if your shoes feature straps and buckles, it becomes too easy for heels to snag on decorations.

Bella Systems Philly offers many solutions to shoe storage needs. We can build custom storage into an existing closet, create a shoe closet from scratch, or conjure anything in between. We use our 3-D imaging software to design a layout that’s right for your needs.


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