Turning a small space into a home office

Under the staircase built in deskIt’s officially the new year, which means that you need to start following through on your resolutions. Why not start by finally organizing and optimizing your workspace.  Your home office is also considered your ” command central” for your business and your home life.

Not all homes have large spaces to convert into a home office but why not convert a small closet or under the staircase into a home office?

The Magic of Space Transformation

Bella Systems Philly can use our own 3D imaging magic to show you endless possibilities of utilizing this under-used staircase space.

  • a little office, with its own storage system built to your specifications, tucked away but easily accessible.  Have desk built with cabinets for office supply storage or space for your printer
  • a series of cleverly stacked file cabinets, for extra storage
  • a combination of shelves and drawers for file, media, and book storage

Why Transform Under-Stairs Space into an Efficient Office?

If you like to keep your finger on your household’s pulse, those stairs leading down to the basement family room provide a great place to work unobtrusively. You can work while the children play or keep an ear tuned to the big game while finishing up a few details online.

A tucked-away office keeps clutter contained, especially with the variety of configurations we can design for you, and reduces a need for a larger office area somewhere else – a bonus if you’re working with a smaller overall home footprint.

Contact Us to Make Your Transformation Appointment

While we don’t use Owl Post to communicate, our magic includes 3D imaging to completely customize your space into the perfect, usable office or storage. Call or email us to bring a little magic and we’ll transform your unused space into a perfect office or storage space.


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